Sponsor a Project

Join our awesome team of program sponsors who are helping keep children with their families, and free from poverty, abuse and neglect 

As a sponsor of our Education Scholarship and Income Generation programs you will help prevent trafficking and unnecessary separation through:

  • Providing education support to help keep children in school
  • Providing their families with small business and skill development training so they can create sustainable livelihoods to care for their children themselves
  • Helping strengthen families to provide nurturing environments for their children
  • Providing awareness raising activities, training and other support that contributes to their overall development and prepares them for the future
  • Helping create support networks amongst their peers and local communities

For $60 per month (or $720 per year) you can:

  • Educate 5 children for one year
  • Help 5 families get started with their new small business, such as animal husbandry, crop farming or tailoring

The actual cost per child in any program varies depending on their class level, age, size, school/college, course, geographic location and what level of support they need.

Each education scholarship program provides support for between 50 and 200 children, with almost 500 children being supported in total.

Read more here about our Education Scholarship programs and Read more here about our Income Generation programs.

As a sponsor you will receive a quarterly newsletter dedicated to your scholarship program and ad-hoc updates such as exam results.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Please contact emma@scai.org.au if you have any questions about where your money goes or how we deliver our programs.